zondag 29 januari 2012

Een achtergrond voor een nieuw schilderij/ Background for a new painting


Heb nog een schilderij gemaakt met found poetry. Hier laat ik je zien hoe ik de achtergrond heb opgebouwd.
I made another painting with found poetry. In this post I''d like to show you how I built up the background.

Step 1: paint the canvas in 1 nice color of acrylic paint; I chose greenish yellow.
Make some stamps all over with a black inkpad.

Step 2: tone it down a bit with a thin layer of gesso.

Step 3: tear out some nice photographs from an old magazine, in colors you like. I chose flowers with 'pinkish' colors.
The white lines you see here, are made of masking tape, because I wanted to make a sort of 'cross'.

Step 4: color all over the canvas with colors to your liking. Try using colors that match with the photographs you used. You can leave parts of the photographs uncovered (or remove some paint when it's still wet). Make sure the different colors of paint and the photographs all blend nicely into eachother.

So there you go, your nice colorful background is now ready for journaling or painting or anyting you like to make on it!

Be happy!

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