dinsdag 15 april 2014

Cat ACEO's


Gisteren had ik weer 'ns zin om wat mini art te maken, dus ben ik begonnen met een serie 'kleurige katten'ACEO's :
Heb ze geplaatst in mijn Etsy shop en ze zijn tot mijn verbazing direct verkocht! Ben blij!
Dus ze zijn nu al op weg naar hun nieuwe huis :)

Yesterday I wanted to do some small artwork again, so I started a 'colorful cats' ACEO series.
Posted them in my Etsy shop and to my surprise they were sold immediately! I'm happy!
So they're already travelling to their new home!

More colorful ACEO's to come. Bye for now & be happy,

vrijdag 11 april 2014

More cats....

Hi all!

Finished another doodle drawing with lots of colors and...cats!

This one started with the words:

Prints & cards btw are now for sale in my (brandnew!!!) store on Fineartamerica.com !

Bye for now and be happy,