dinsdag 31 januari 2012

The "Be positive" art journal project

Hi there,

Last month I started with a daily art journal called "Be positive every day".
One day I was reading my daily newspaper & feeling kinda sad doing that (after all, newspapers seldom bring positive news).
Now I have this preference for found poetry, i.e. cutting words out of magazines and papers, and turning these into 'found poems'.

And so the idea was born: to use my daily newspaper (with mostly negative news) as a source for cutting out words and sentences, and using these for making a POSITIVE message or poem.
I've been making one every day since and I hope, in doing so ,to spread some positiveness and happiness around me!

Wanna join me in this project?

-Grab your daily newspaper and cut out words and parts of sentences. Form these into a positive message or poem. Glue them down in a journal or on a piece of paper. And, if you like, make nice colorful art around it. (for inspiration/ examples you can take a look at my pages on Flickr (see below) or here on my blog.

-I have opened up a special Group on Flickr, where everybody can load up their own "Be positive journal pages". (you'll find a link to this group on my site)

-For one journal page, use words from the newspaper of one single date
-Make sure you date your page
-If you like, you can name your source/ newspaper (f.e. mine is De Volkskrant)
-You can make a page every day, but of course you don't have to. Just make one whenever you feel like it or have the time...

It would be really great if you join me in this project. And perhaps you have friends who'll want to play along too!
I look forward to seeing your positive pages!

Btw, if you don't have a Flickr account yet, it's very easy to join. Just go to Flickr.com and they'll guide you thru it step-by-step.

Be happy!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Absolutely love the colors you use! I have a positivity journal that I made out of a hardcover book with the same colors as yours on the cover and called it 'Good Vibrations' I've only worked a bit in it, but this sounds like the perfect project to use it for. I'll have to join in! I'm going to add your project to my next blog post, and will link back to you!(oh and thanks for adding my etsy shop to your favorites I added you to mine!!)

  2. Vind het idee van gevonden poëzie echt geweldig.
    Je pagina's stralen ook vrolijkheid uit, heerlijk om naar te kijken. Ik ga met je meedoen, al zal dat niet iedere dag zijn. Ideeën en projecten heb ik geen gebrek aan, maar tijd.... :)

    1. Dank je, Angenita! En geweldig dat je meedoet!
      (hmmm, dat tijdsprobleem is héél herkenbaar...)Grt, Madeleine

  3. Fabulous idea my new found friend! Love love your art work and I am your newest follower! You will definitely be seeing more of me! I am getting back into do journals just for me. I am inspired!


    1. Hi Kim, welcome on my blog, great to see you here! (visited yours too, so nice & colorful!)

  4. Such a wonderful idea. Love the vibrant colors!!!