Hi there and welcome on my blog !

My name is Madeleine de Kemp. I am a Dutch based mixed media artist, living in Hilversum with my family and our 2 pets.
I'm a self-taught artist, never went to art school, but learned a lot by following workshops, reading art books and looking at other artists' work.

When reading through my blog, you will notice I have been working with all kinds of art supplies.
But over the years I have developed a preference for two things:
making collages and doodle drawings.

My way of working is the same for both:
I work mostly 'serendipitous": I never plan anything ahead. When starting a new collage, I just begin rummaging thru my stash, looking for images; I just pick them at random , I just take the ones that happen to catch my eye at that moment. Then , as I like to work ‘color coordinated’, I start looking for images with matching colors.
And then suddenly, the magic happens, and a story or theme starts to ‘emerge’. Once I see the direction my collage is taking, I start looking more purposely for images that fit my story.
As for my doodles, they also seldom start with a preconceived outline or sketch; here also serendipity plays a big part. I prefer to let my drawings 'grow' under my hands when I work, just letting myself be surprised with what 'emerges' on the paper.

As owner of MakeArtBeHappy, I am selling my artwork through my Etsy shop and (recently also) Society6.
I share posts about my artmaking adventures on this blog and on my social media.

Next to making art myself, I like to pass on to others what I've learned over the years.
On my blog and social media I share my journal pages, how they were made, tips & tricks about techniques & tools I use.
I regularly share videos on my YouTube Channel and sell (collage-) art kits & handmade/ found art supplies in my Etsy shop.

These last two years I have been teaching online art workshops at Artful Gathering Art Retreats.

I hope you like what you see on my blog. Comments and questions are always welcome, I love to hear from you !