vrijdag 15 januari 2016

2 more paintings

Hello there !

Heb nog 2 mixed media schilderijtjes gemaakt, kleintjes deze keer, van 20x20cm .
Heel veel laagjes over elkaar : collage, gesso, verf, krijt...
Hieronder wat work-in-progress foto's :

Finished 2 more mixed media paintings, small ones this time : 20x20cm. Lots of layers on top of eachother: collage, gesso, paint, crayons...
Here are some w.i.p. pics:

Can you see the lion already ? :

And this is the other one:

Hope you like !

xo Madeleine

4 opmerkingen:

  1. AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE Madeleine.... you are just soooooooooooo talented at drawing and making it all come together beautifully. These are WONDERFUL. j.

  2. So adorable! Question - you can't see much of the original collage bits you glued down. What is the point of the first step? Inspiration? Creative Stimulation? Did you only decide what the painting would be after you did your random collage?

    1. Thank you Morgan! And yes, I do use the underlying collage as an inspiration/ starting point. I Always try to 'find'the doodles/ characters that are hidden within, and then go from there ..