maandag 12 oktober 2015

Mandala's mandala's...

Hi there !!

Loooooong time no see!
Summer is ending, winter is coming...and with that, lots and lots of cold and rainy afternoons (yuk !) to make art ( yesss!!)
I haven't been posting on my blog for a while; I have the feeling that somehow Facebook is taking over blogging a least for me that surely is the case.
But I will really try to go for more regular blogging from now on !

So let's do a little update here of what I've been doing in Artland lately:

I've 'returned' to working with my Inktense pencils once more. Too long since I've used those ! And I do really like to doodle & play with color ! So I've been making these mandala's :


And some have a little bit of collage:

Sooo, that's a whole lot of mandala's : I hope you like them !

Okay, bye for now and I'll be back soon ,

xo Madeleine

p.s. After coming Wednesday prints of my mandala's will be available in my Etsy store ! I'm sooo happy, I finallly found a printshop that cán actually print these bold Inktense colors !
You can't even see which one is the original and which one is printed. Totally happy with that :)

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