maandag 19 mei 2014

Lost in art land...

Hi all!

Een maand geleden alweer sinds ik hier was! De tijd vliegt! Druk geweest met van alles ( onder andere, of het meest eigenlijk, met een eindexamen-doende dochter). Heb in de tussentijd ook niet heel veel kunstzinnigs gedaan. Maar wel een paar leuke dingen nog gemaakt:
It's been a whole month since I've been here on my blog! Time flies! Been busy with lots of things ( most of all I guess with a daughter doing her high school finals..) Haven't made a lot of artsy stuff lately, but managed to do a couple of fun things:
Another of my inktense doodle drawings:
and a whole bunch of colorful postcards (made with acrylic paint backgrounds):
I'll 'zoom in' on one:

Nadat ik met de kaarten bezig was geweest kwam ik opeens terecht in één van die (jekentzewel) buien zonder inspiratie, wanneer alles wat je maakt er niet uitziet zoals je wilt (er eigenlijk gewoon niet uitziet haha)
After making those cards I just fell into a sort of non-inspirational mood, you know the ones... when suddenly you feel kinda lost in art land and nothing you make comes out right any more.

So I guess I had to learn some art lessons again ( not that I didn't already know all that, but sometimes you just realize how it is):

1. what you make is not always beautiful.
Re-write that: what you make does not always néed to be beautiful.
Just make lots and lots of art, try out new things, sometimes it turns out just right, and sometimes it doesn't. That's the way it is.
2. art making is apparently also subject to a sort of cycle: sometimes for days you're in an absolute art making flow; everything you touch turns out right, you have fun. And then there are days (or more) when nothing works & the colors don't speak to you at all.
Solution? Do something completely different: go clean the house or take a long walk with the dog, cook a nice meal...but take an 'art break'. Inspiration wíll return :)
3. you need to experiment, try out new materials, new ideas. If not, you'll get stuck in doing the same things over and over & never learn anything new. And experimenting means: make mistakes!

Anyway, one of those days I started out with these:
which then turned into this:

and this:

then this one

and then these:

and eventually evolved into these:
which are still not exactly to my liking but okay.....I'll leave them like this now :) :)

Het goeie is, dat ik nu opeens weer mijn 'ouwe' acrylverf heb herontdekt; al te lang niets mee gedaan. Dus ik ga lekker door met verf & collage en de inspiratie komt langzaamaan weer terug :)
The good thing is: I've sort of rediscovered my good old acrylics again; haven't used them for too long. So I'll just keep on splashing paint around & collaging & stuff. INspiration's slowly coming back ;) :)

Bye for now & keep on making art y'all & be happy!

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  1. Zo heeft een 'zoektocht' dan toch zin. Succes met de acrylverf, combinaties blijken plotseling leuk ;-)
    Geniet van je kleurrijke afbeeldingen.

    1. Wonderful your art works are always vibrant, cheerful and funny, they make me happy!
      Groetjes Anja