zaterdag 24 mei 2014

Doodle games

Hello there!

Had ooit een leuke video tutorial gezien, van Diana Trout, over het maken van doodles. Was het eigenlijk vergeten,tot ik het vandaag weer 'n keer tegenkwam. Wat me inspireerde tot het maken van deze doodle :)

I saw this video once, made by Diana Trout, in which she gives a tutorial about making doodles. I had forgotten about it, and suddenly ran into it again today. It inspired me to making this doodle:)

You can find Diana Trout's video here:

Here are some 'the making of' pictures, of my doodle:
Starting with one continuous line (no ccrossing lines anywhere) and then filling the borders with black ink
and then the rest :)

Fun to be working in just black and white once more.

Have a great Sunday!


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